Free Standard Shipping on orders over S$80.00

Free Standard Shipping on orders over S$80.00

About Us

“Believe in brands that makes a different”


Appcessory is a holistic brand marketing company specializing in managing brands. Appcessory is posed to be a leading marketer of premium, unique and afford-able solutions, marketing brands that make a difference to people.

The brands Appcessory carry build on reliability, brand equity and consumer centrism. It’s beyond simply functional. They reflect the voices of consumers in respective markets and deliver beyond expectations to fulfill a need or a want.

As a marketing oriented company, Appcessory is beyond a typical distribution organization. Brand image and maintaining high level positioning is the mission for all products it distributes. Appcessory is anchored with all the right resources to make a head start in the new economy with a team of successful, experienced and dedicated team, pivotal to the effectiveness of carrying out its strategy which will certainly see it achieving its mission in the near future.

Appcessory offers a strong penetration network in the countries of interest, tailored marketing strategies and distribution efficiencies to its clients so that they are assured of a partner offering the best service with the best advice.


There are many reasons why people buy things for their gadgets, and Appcessory focuses on the most important of them all – to accentuate your persona and style while protecting your favorites.

It must never be just about peer pressure and overly expensive but function-less stuff. We know how important it is for you to buy something that truly reflects who you are. Many times, it’s almost impossible to find the right price, the right quality and the right style.

But at Appcessory, you’ll find the thoughtfulness and products that sets you apart because it is designed for you. We’re living in a tense and sanitized world but that doesn’t mean the provocative, fun and daring side of you stays asleep. You deserve the added edginess! This is the spirit of Appcessory. So no matter where you are and you pick up a product from us, it is satisfaction guaranteed.

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