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Our No. 1 Pick of Smart Bicycle Helmets in 2023

Great smart bicycle helmets combine technology and innovative design to make cycling safer and pleasant. While it is possible to get decent budget smart bicycle helmets, the best tend to come with extra features, better protection, and an upgraded design overall. That said, we wanted to share with you our top pick of smart bicycle helmets in 2023.

Our basis for determining the top smart bicycle helmet in 2023, was mainly centred on three criteria: design, features, and how those two elements work together to make cycling a great experience. And Livall’s BH51M NEO Smart Urban Helmet ticks all the right boxes.

LIVALL BH51M NEO Smart Urban Helmet

Livall has earned a reputation among cyclists for developing durable and well-designed bicycle helmets. Once again, they threw it out of the park with the BH51M Neo Smart Urban Helmet, a successor to the iconic and popular BH51M. 


The BH51M Neo brings along two distinct, highly requested features: brake lights and front facing LEDs. 

The brake lights switch on during significant deceleration thanks to the built-in gravity sensor. The new front facing lights, in addition to the back lights, enhance visibility in low light conditions, and can be activated to indicate turning direction. 

But that only scratches the surface of what BH51M Neo is capable of; stereo speakers on both sides of the helmet and the wind-proof microphones allow you to listen to music, or take calls while still being alert to the surrounding environment. 

The walkie-talkie integrated into the helmet lets you communicate with fellow cyclists in a riding group. 

Not to mention the SOS alarm that can be activated either by pressing the red button on the remote or when a fall has been detected. In the event of a fall or at the press of the button, your GPS location will be sent to your emergency contacts via SMS.


In terms of design, the BH51M cuts an urban, neutral aesthetic; the strip lights at the head and back of the helmet feature prominently, and yet blend seamlessly into the overall design. This is a helmet that works well with both formal and informal outfits.

Speaking of fit, it comes in two main sizes, large (57-61 cm) and medium (54-58 cm). The rotating toggle at the back makes it easy to adjust head size for a more snuggle fit along with the adjustable plastic clasp to maximise comfort.

 Final Thoughts

The BH51M Neo is a reflection of Livall’s commitment to use technology to transform safety in transit and while providing a superior mobility experience. It scores well in both form and function, which has made it our top pick for smart bicycle helmets in 2023.  

At SGD$269, the BH51 Neo is expensive, however, we feel that what it brings to the table in terms of features, build quality, and design make it highly worthy of consideration. If you’re not looking to spend that much, the Livall C20 Smart Urban Helmet at SGD$129 and the Livall MT1 NEO Smart Cycling Helmet, while offering less features, are decent alternatives.