BuddyPhones Unicorn Foldable with Mic Kids Headphones


Product details of BuddyPhones Unicorn Foldable with Mic Pink, Kids Volume Limiting Headphones, Built-in Audio Sharing Cable and in-Line Mic, Compatible with Fire, iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices

  • AWARD-WINNING SAFE AUDIO FOR KIDS: BuddyPhones the best Kids Headphone with the most awards for innovative design and features. BuddyPhones have built-in volume-limiting circuitry that protects kids hearing. Capped at the WHO-recommended level of 85dB so they don’t damage hearing. Engineered with certified safe materials that are hypoallergenic, super durable, and custom-made to be comfortable for kids to wear.
  • KEY FEATURES: Added comfort and convenience for little explorers that listen on-the-go. Built-in Safe Audio volume control protects kids hearing. Space-saving foldable headband. Soft travel bag with drawstring to pack away headphones for easy storage. Shareable audio cable with built-in microphone. Great for girls, boys, toddlers, and all the kids, recommended for ages 3-10.
  • FUN FOR KIDS: We make safe audio fun for kids. Bright colorful designs. Custom designed sticker illustrations from world famous artist. Kids can listen with friends using the BuddyCable system. Up to 4 headphones can plug into 1 device thanks to a stackable audio jack. Use the built-in mic for Skype calls with Grandma or fun language lessons.
  • BUDDIES FOR LIFE: We want to stay buddies for life. BuddyPhones are designed, built, and tested for durability that can withstand the strongest of kids. This includes quality control with world-class testing labs. But sometimes accidents happen! We offer Customer Service assistance to help with troubleshooting, repairs or replacements.