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Do you Need a Macbook Laptop Sleeve in 2023? Is it Worth it?

MacBooks are known for being premium, well-designed and most of all expensive machines. It is natural to want to invest in a case that will protect it from scratches, knocks or impact. But some people find that cases detract from the sleek and refined look of a MacBook, and some poorly designed ones, have been known to cause more damage in the long run. 

Sleeves offer a convenient alternative; however, some may wonder, is it truly worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to go without protection at all? Find out as we dive into the potential damages a Macbook may incur, and how they relate to usage to determine the merit of a Macbook laptop sleeve in 2023.Macbook Build Quality

Over the last couple of years, Apple’s emphasis on quality has yielded great results for the MacBook Pro and Air lines. Thanks to the slim unibody aluminium chassis, the newer MacBooks are more resistant to impacts compared to conventional plastic alternatives.

Tight tolerances within the Macbook, however, leave little room for deformation within the chassis to safely absorb the impact of a fall. So while the Macbook can stand up better to shocks, it doesn’t guarantee they’ll survive the ordeal without some form of protection.

How is a Macbook Most Likely to Get Damaged?

Some of the most common types of damage that can occur includes water or coffee spills, knocks, dents, scratches and scrapes. Spills could happen at the desk, and this is damage that even a case might not be able to prevent without some form of keyboard protection. 

Knocks that leave a dent, scratches, and water damage that don’t generally occur when the laptop is in transit from one location to another. Given the primary function of laptops, i.e., being a portable device that allows you to work untethered from your desk, these are accidents that are bound to happen. After all, accidents occur when they are least expected! 

This shows that your Macbook can benefit from having some kind of protection. The question is: Will sleeves be enough to prevent your Macbook from suffering crippling damage?

MacBook Sleeves

MacBook sleeves come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, from sleeves that contain additional pockets to store essential accessories to sleeves secure enough to resist scrapes and scratches and splashes

Apart from a rare few, one constant theme you’ll find with most sleeves is that when it’s time to use your Macbook, you’ll need to extract it from the pouch in which it is stored. 

What does this mean? Apart from coffee spills, a sleeve is likely all the protection you need against the common types of damage – provided that you actually use it.

Final Thoughts

If you are using your MacBook mainly at your desk, you likely won’t need to use a sleeve. For those hustlers that are always on the go, whether you are a student or working adult, a Macbook sleeve is highly recommended for added protection, and in some cases, an enhanced aesthetic!