Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve Vs Case: Which Should You Pick?

Laptops are expensive machines. It only makes sense to invest in solutions that protect them from damage and allow them to function for an extended period of time. The choices for protection fall in two main camps: sleeves vs cases – with both sides having their distinct advantages. In this article, we’ll break down some of the main pros and cons between laptop sleeves vs cases to help you figure out which to pick.

Laptop Cases 
Laptop cases are characterised by a pouch that firmly encases the laptop with the goal of protecting it from scratches, impacts, and in some cases, to convey an aesthetic. 

Laptops have come a long way in the durability arena, but not enough to strut around with no holds barred. Laptop cases provide an extra layer of protection. They won’t make the laptop indestructible, but they’ll protect it from scratches and the occasional spill.

Cases offer a greater degree of personalisation for those that like to add a bit more character to their machines. You can find multiple options available online with different colours and textures. 

Under sustained loads, most laptops are prone to getting warm, which is usually not a big issue due to the thermal cooling measures employed by manufacturers. Generally, this takes shape in the form of vents, thermal paste, passive cooling, fans e.t.c. Some cases, however, cause the laptop to heat up which can harm the performance and lifetime operation of the laptop.

As the name suggests, sleeves function much like a pouch that you use to insert your laptop to make it easy to carry or provide a layer to protect a laptop from potential damage. Sleeves come in many sizes and materials, some with additional pockets to hold accessories and essential documents.

Padded Protection 
Much like cases, sleeves protect a laptop from damage. While they only offer protection when kept in the sleeve, it’s still a great deal more protection than what cases offer. Sleeves made from great materials can protect your laptop from shock damage. It’s also possible to find some that are water resistant.

Extra Storage Space 
Thanks to the breadth of materials and the overall nature of laptop sleeves, you can find a wide range that can expand your storage options to include space where you can fit accessories or documents. In no way will it replace the functionality of – say – a bag. But for those who prefer to travel light, it allows you to carry only your laptop and essential accessories or documents.

Limited Protection When Not Storing Laptop 
The biggest defining feature of the sleeve, may perhaps be its greatest limitation. When using your laptop, it becomes nothing but a glorious mat to place your laptop. Though it’s worth noting that some manufacturers have innovated around this limitation by designing sleeves that unfold like cases – allowing you to use the laptop as it sits within the sleeve. This might not offer the same protection as a case, but the convenience and functionality it brings is definitely worth exploring.

Final Thoughts 
At the end of the day, the choice between a sleeve and a case will boil down to your usage habits. If you mainly use your laptop in the confines of your home, then a sleeve will suffice. If you carry your laptop wherever you go, you will benefit from having a case. In fact, we recommend using a case, and a sleeve to maximise protection for your laptop.