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Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet Review

As anyone who has gotten on a bicycle saddle would know, going out for a ride requires more than just your two wheels and the determination to burn some calories. As a cyclist, you’ll also need some head protection – and even that can go beyond just a simple helmet. 

Additional features, such as a communication system and a weather-proof design, will go a long way towards making your ride as pleasant as possible. A modern, state-of-the-art helmet will include these features and more, all while providing excellent protection against injuries without compromising aesthetics. 

With all this in mind, we present a comprehensive Livall MT1 Smart Bike HelmetReview. Let’s examine the features that make this piece of gear an excellent choice for any avid cyclist. 

Construction and Design

Let’s begin with the physical construction and design of the helmet. The MT1 is a very sturdy helmet designed to offer protection across rugged and difficult terrain, as opposed to more leisurely and utilitarian commutes on city streets. 

It is composed of unibody moulding with imported American EPS foam, as well as a high-quality polycarbonate material. This results in a high degree of physical protection and resistance to impacts, while remaining lightweight at a mere 310 grams. 

The 21 vents built into the design allow for maximum air cooling effect, without compromising the aerodynamic shape or adding wind resistance. A detachable rim on the front end protects you against irritants such as tree branches, rainfall seeping into your eyes, or strong direct sunlight. The helmet’s nylon strap is also designed to resist stretching as well as distortion due to sweat or other liquids.

Finally, the MT1 is rated at IPX4 water resistance, meaning it can shrug off heavy rain with relative ease with the electronic components inside remaining well protected.

As for aesthetics, this helmet comes in three different colours: black & grey, black & red, and matte black. Any one of these options lends this piece of gear a distinct rugged, sporty look – perfect for no-nonsense power cyclists.

Lights and Sounds

The Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet incorporates several full-colour LED brake lights and turn signals directly into its rear. These lights use LED technology to ensure high visibility in dark conditions. The signal lights are operated by the cyclist via remote controls on the bicycle’s handlebars, while the brake lights activate automatically when sensors on the helmet detect that you are slowing down.

Lights and Sounds

The MT1 helmet also contains speakers so you can enjoy music during your ride, or switch to a voice navigation mode if you need directions via GPS as you travel. These speakers use a sonic wave control design and are located above your ears as you wear the helmet, allowing you to listen in while still maintaining awareness of your surroundings.

Lights and Sounds

In addition, you can communicate with fellow cyclists using the walkie-talkie function and a connection to the Livall Riding App. The built-in wind-proof microphone will serve you well for the latter function, giving you clear and crisp audio reception even as the wind blows into you from up ahead.

You can of course also receive and answer phone calls if necessary, using the same speakers and microphone. You’ll be able to do all this nearly hands-free, using a remote control on your handlebars to answer calls with a single tap. That means less fumbling about with buttons, and more focus and enjoyment on the road. 

The electronic components within the MT1 helmet can be charged via micro USB, and take about 3 hours to reach a 100 percent charge. Battery life tops out at around 10 hours (with default lights) and 3-6 hours with heavy use of the speakers and lighting systems.

Safety and Security

What about safety and security features? The MT1 has you covered here as well. The helmet automatically turns itself on when it detects movement, so you won’t need to worry about forgetting to switch it on. Along the same vein, the helmet automatically turns off once you disconnect it from your smartphone. Whenever your helmet and phone are connected via Bluetooth and the distance between them exceeds 15 metres, both devices will send out an alarm to alert the user that something might be wrong.

Safety and Security

Speaking of alarms and the importance of safety, the helmet can detect if you have fallen off your bicycle or experienced a roadside accident, thanks to its built-in 3-axis gyroscope. In this event, it would immediately send a notification to your family or any contact you previously set for this purpose, along with your current location on GPS. You can rest assured that help will be on the way, even if you find it difficult to move or call out after the fall. You can also manually activate a distress signal if you choose to do so.


With its intelligent and modern design, security features, and array of light and audio systems, the Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet has everything you need to make your bike ride as smooth, safe, and fun as possible. Priced at a very reasonable SGD$199, it makes a great addition to any cyclist’s riding kit. 

As we mentioned earlier, the MT1 helmet is designed for intense bicycle rides over rugged and difficult terrain. If you’d like to browse other smart cycling helmets that are built for more relaxed rides or for urban commuting, we’ve got more from Livall to show you. Check out the EVO21BH60SE NEOBH51M NEO, and C20 Smart Urban smart helmet models.